Has Wellness Been Hijacked?

Wellness is a excellent concept. It brings happiness into health and encourages a in truth holistic approach to life. Wikipedia defines wellness as a healthful balance of the mind-body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. It sounds like exactly what every one is looking for. But when you begin to talk Continue Reading

Investment in Corporate Fitness, Well-Being Pays Big Dividends.

High rates of staff member turnover and the costs of sick days are increasingly taking bites into corporate profits. the high cost of recruitment programs only adds to the challenges that these problems in total cost the typical corporation. Many companies are finding the solution to these challenges by increasing job satisfaction, team building, and Continue Reading

Corporate Wellness Becomes CEO Issue – How to Reduce Workplace Health Care Costs.

The Partnership for Prevention was formed to encourage Fortune 1000 corporations to consider making workforce health a CEO issue and adopt strategies to promote avoidance and wellness. After a few years of double-digit rate increases for medical insurance, corporations are realizing that one of the best ways to slow the cost increases is to have Continue Reading

Wellness Program Ideas –  More Wellness Topics and Ideas.

A listing of potential wellness topics and ideas not previously mentioned follows. Take some time to “think tank and brainstorm” new ideas with your own internal staff member Wellness Committee. Nutrition Category • Low-fat campaign/food groups • Team salad bars • Vending machine changes • Diet analysis by a nutritionist • Produce on parade • Continue Reading

Wellness Program Ideas –  Safety and Wellness.

Other departments within an organization will likely focus on related areas of staff member safety and injury prevention. Wellness activities are a natural partner to many other HR, staff member motivation, and safety programs. Body mechanics, ergonomics, and safe working practices are three areas which might  be coordinated together. • Soft Tissue Sprains and Strains Continue Reading

Wellness Program Ideas –  Holiday Activities.

Tying wellness activities into holiday themes is a strategy widely used to develop interest and participation. However, be aware that offering holiday activities in the workplace can develop issues. Your workplace might have policies and guidelines already in place about issues such as appropriate decorations themes, work time, etc. Be sure to check with management Continue Reading

Wellness Program Ideas –  National Health Observances.

National health observance campaigns can lighten workload and effort. A lot of of these well-developed observances have kits and materials which may either be downloaded for free or purchased inexpensively. Monthly health themes, week Iong events, and nationally recognized days of the year are also good ways to have fun while participating in bigger events. Continue Reading

Wellness Program Ideas – Sports and Recreation.

Many workers enjoy team related activities. These activities ordinarily take place on an employee’s time away from work and participation is totally voluntary in nature. Even though the sports team is not part of an employee’s regular work duties, if the team or activity is associated with the business, the business may be held liable Continue Reading

Wellness Programs – Stress Management and Mental Health

Stress Management A lot of simple wellness activities and practices can help employees understand the role stress plays in effecting health, safety, and productivity. It is necessary to help employees understand simple stress management strategies for lowering stress levels. • Stress kit check out. Have stress management tools available for staff member use during a Continue Reading

Wellness Program Ideas – Fighting Addictions.

Use of tobacco Cessation Tobacco use cessation assistance is a worthwhile wellness activity. Tobacco use is often a difficult habit to overcome. Corporate wellness activities to support “smoke-free” living include – • Use American Lung Association resource. These include the Freedom From Smoking group and/or video-tutorial. There’s also a follow-up video “A Lifetime of Freedom Continue Reading